SysAutoRun.execStatistics Method [AX 2012]

Determines whether Oracle update statistics are calculated. If this feature is enabled, it updates the statistics of the indexes used in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


protected boolean execStatistics(XmlNode _command)

Run On



  • _command
    Type: XmlNode Class
    The XML node to get the value from.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if execution is successful; otherwise, false.


The execStatistics method is called when the <Statistics> tag is used in the configuration file when Microsoft Dynamics AX is started. For more information, see the SysAutoRun class.

Execution of this method is controlled by the SysAutoRun.execCommand method.

The <Statistics> tag has the following attributes:

  • enabled, determines whether Oracle update statistics are enabled. By default, they are not enabled.

  • calcMethod, determines whether statistics are estimated (the default, recommended value) or calculated. The possible values for the attribute are Estimate and Compute.

  • interval, determines the frequency at which update statistics are run. The default value is Daily. Other options are Weekly and Monthly.

  • startingDate, the first day on which statistics should be run.

  • startingTime, the time of day statistics should be updated.

  • runNow, causes the statistics to be updated as soon as possible if runNow is set to true.

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