formattedStr2Num Function

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Converts a semi-numeric string into a real number.

real formattedstr2Num(str _text)





The string to convert into a real number.

Return Value

The real number that represents the specified string.


Zero is returned if the text does not contain a valid number.

The string can contain expressions or formulas consisting of real literals, such as 0.04.

Arithmetic operators that the follow standard arithmetic precedence rules, such as "+" and "/" can be used. You can use sub-expressions to modify the evaluation order, for example, 6+(5-2). An expression can also contain a minus, such as -1.0 or –(4-7). Spaces are ignored.

The numbers in the string may contain separator symbols, such as a comma or decimal.

Exponential notation, such as 1.2E+2, is not supported. If the expression contains an error (like (1+2)*+4), the numeric exception will be thrown. Otherwise, the function result is the value of the expression.

The following examples show return values:

  • formattedstr2Num("123.45") //Returns the real value 123.45.

  • real formattedstr2Num("a123") //Causes the error Exception::Numeric.

  • int formattedstr2Num("123,000") //Returns the int value 123000.

  • formattedstr2Num("123000") //Returns the real value 123,000.00.

  • formattedstr2Num("123+45,000") //Returns the real value 45,123.00.

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