BankStmtISOAccountStatement::getShowingAmount Method

Gets the showing amount that depends on the debit or credit indicator from the table.


client server public static BankStmtISODecimal getShowingAmount(
    BankStmtISODecimal _amount, 
    BankStatementAmountDrCrIndicator _indicator, 
    boolean _isBioColumn, 
   [DebitCredit _columnDrCr])

Run On



  • _isBioColumn
    Type: boolean
    A Boolean value that indicates whether the amount is shown in the debit or credit column.
  • _columnDrCr
    Type: DebitCredit Enumeration
    A Boolean value that indicates the column in which the amount is shown.

Return Value

Type: BankStmtISODecimal Extended Data Type
The showing amount.

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