DateTimeUtil::newDateTime Method

Creates a new utcdatetime value by using the specified date and timeOfDay values.


client server public static utcdatetime newDateTime(
    date date, 
    TimeOfDay time, 
   [Timezone tzOffsetToRemove])

Run On



  • date
    Type: date
    The date to use for the new utcdatetime value.
  • time
    Type: timeOfDay
    The time to use for the new utcdatetime value.
  • tzOffsetToRemove
    Type: Timezone Enumeration
    The time zone in which to create the new utcdatetime value; optional.

Return Value

Type: utcdatetime
A new utcdatetime value.


If no value is specified for the tzOffsetToRemove parameter, the utcdatetime value will be created in the UTC time zone.

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