Statement.executeUpdate Method

Executes a SQL INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.


public int executeUpdate(str statement)

Run On



  • statement
    Type: str
    The string that contains the SQL statement being passed to the database.

Return Value

Type: int
An updated row count; otherwise, 0 (zero) for SQL statements that return nothing.


SQL statements that return nothing, such as SQLDDL statements, can also be executed.

If users control input to the executeUpdate method, an SQL injection thread can occur. Therefore, this method runs under Code Access Security. Calls to this method on the server require permission from the . The following are safer alternatives for interacting with the database:

  • Queries

  • Views

  • X++ select statements

Record level security is not enforced on the Statement class. If data is exposed to the user, perform explicit security validation.

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