Outgoing e-mail messages and the retry schedule

You can monitor the status of e-mail messages while they are in the process of being sent and you can set up a retry schedule to define retries.

Monitor e-mail messages waiting to be sent out

All e-mail messages processed by the e-mail batch are logged in the Outgoing e-mail form.

  • When e-mail messages are sent they have the status Sent.

  • When e-mail messages have failed to be sent, they have either the status Waiting or Failed.

  • If an e-mail message is Waiting, it is waiting for a retry.

Get an overview of outgoing e-mail messages

  1. Click Administration > Periodic > E-mail processing > E-mail sending status.

  2. View the sending status of e-mail messages in the E-mail sending status form.


The Waiting status in the E-mail status field, represents the delay period and is listed in minutes, hours, or days, depending on how the retry schedule is set up.

Retry sending outgoing e-mail messages

  1. Click Administration > Periodic > E-mail processing > E-mail sending status.

  2. Click Restart send in the E-mail sending status form.

Establish a retry schedule

To improve the success rate of sending out e-mails, you can apply a retry schedule. In the retry schedule, you can define how many times you want the system to try to send an e-mail message that has failed to be sent. You also define the time period between the retries.

We recommend that retry schedules for sending out SMTP-based e-mail messages be set up in such a way that the e-mail system does not get overloaded. Intervals specified to resend a failed e-mail message must increase gradually. For example, the first retry could happen after 1 minute, then after one hour, then four hours, then a day, and so on.


To distribute the load, the retry schedule can be set up on multiple Application Object servers.

If the retry schedule is changed, the new retry schedule takes precedence over the old scheduled when determining whether another sending attempt should be executed.

Set up a retry schedule

  1. Click Administration > Periodic > E-mail processing > Retry Schedule.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new retry period.

  3. Type the number of retry periods required in your retry schedule.


    The retry period lines that you create are automatically sorted in a sequence with delay period one on top.

Retry schedule example

Delay period

Retry delay











In the above example the first attempt to send out an e-mail message that failed in the first place happens after one minute. If the result is still negative, the retry is repeated after five minutes and so on.


Sending of e-mail messages is executed through batch processing so the alert batch execution setup impacts the actual sending time.

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