Create company accounts

Company accounts in Microsoft Dynamics AX represent the organizational structure of a company.


If you represent a parent company with subsidiaries, if your company is a holding company with companies in multiple locations, or if you otherwise need to represent several companies, you might also want to create multiple company accounts.

After company accounts are created, you can set up virtual companies that share tables from the main Microsoft Dynamics AX database. For information about the relationship between these types of accounts, see Company accounts and Virtual company accounts.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, data is segregated by company account. If two or more companies need to share data, then you can create a virtual compnay.

If multiple companies share the same security profile, then you can use a domain. A domain is a group of company accounts. Companies can be organized into domains in order to grant permissions to users. For more information about domains, see Manage domains.

If you are a domain administrator, you have rights to create a company in the domain for which you are an administrator. For more information about domain administrators, see Create domain administrators.

Create a new company account

  1. Click Administration > Company accounts.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new record.

  3. Enter a company code in the Company accounts field.

  4. Enter the name of the company in the Name of company accounts field.

  5. If you have a Domain license, click the Domains tab.

  6. Select the domains that the new company should be included in.

    A domain is a collection of one or more company accounts. For more information, see Manage domains.


    If you are a Domain administrator, you do not have access permissions to the Administration domain. You will be prompted to save the company to a domain where you have administration rights. For more information about domain administration, see Create domain administrators.


    There are no domains present in Microsoft Dynamics AX when you first install the system. You must create domains.

  7. If you need virtual company accounts, click the Virtual company accounts tab and select the virtual company accounts of this company.

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