Back up your data

Before upgrade, you should back up the following information.

  • Your data. See your SQL Server information at Microsoft SQL Server documentation or consult your Oracle documentation.

  • Your existing application files (*.aod, *.add, *.ald, *.ahd, and *.khd files) from all layers above the DIS layer (LOS, BUS, VAR, CUS, USR) from your existing system. For example, on your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 system, copy the application files from \Microsoft Dynamics\4.0\Application\ApplStandard.


The layers listed here exist only if customizations have been made.

Layers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 have been renamed. Before you upgrade data, you need to change the names of the layers. See Copy your existing application files for the list of renamed layers.