Give users access to an Enterprise Portal intranet site

By default, only the administrator who installed Enterprise Portal has access to it. Other internal users can access Enterprise Portal after you have added each user to an Enterprise Portal user group in the User groups form, and then given each user access to the SharePoint site for Enterprise Portal.

Before you begin

Verify that the following tasks have been completed:

  • You are a member of the local Administrators group on the Enterprise Portal server and a member of the Administrators group in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Users are listed in the User form in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • You have a list of users who require access to Enterprise Portal, their roles in the organization, and their corresponding Enterprise Portal user groups. For more information about determining which user groups correspond to Enterprise Portal roles, see About Enterprise Portal roles and user groups.

Important   For security reasons, we recommend that users and groups have the least amount of privileges necessary to do their jobs.

Add users to Enterprise Portal user groups

User groups determine the content shown in Enterprise Portal. Users must be a member of at least the EP_Int (Enterprise Portal Internal user) group before they can access Enterprise Portal. If a user does not belong to the EP_Int group or any other Enterprise Portal groups, the user sees a blank page when they access the site. The EP_Int group and all other Enterprise Portal default user groups are created in Microsoft Dynamics AX after you complete the Enterprise Portal Configuration Wizard. After you complete the wizard, you must add users to the Enterprise Portal groups. To learn how to add users to groups, see Manage user groups.

Give users access to the Enterprise Portal site

After you add users to Enterprise Portal groups, you must give users access to the Enterprise Portal SharePoint site. If a user does not have access to the site, the user will see an access error when viewing the site.

  1. Open the Enterprise Portal site in your Web browser. The default URL is https://server_name/sites/DynamicsAx.

  2. On the Site Settings page, under Users and Permissions, click People and groups.

  3. On the toolbar, click New > Add Users or New > New Group to add users or create a new group on the current site.

    We recommend assigning users to SharePoint groups when possible to help minimize the amount of time spent administering individual user accounts.


You can add all the members of an Active Directory group by entering the domain and group name as a new user. You can also add all authenticated users by clicking the Add all authenticated users link on the Add Users page.

  1. Grant each user or group permissions for the site. You might need to speak with the user's manager or group manager to determine the desired permissions.

Other internal users now can access the Enterprise Portal site.

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