Accessing Data

Queries enable you to ask questions about the data in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database and retrieve information. There are two ways to create queries:

No matter which method that you use to create a query, the query can include a sorting order to sort the information that is returned. It can also include a range to filter the information that is returned based on your criteria.

A query can return data from multiple data sources. For more information, see How to: Add Multiple Data Sources to a Query.

You can create queries for forms and reports. For more information, see How to: Coordinate Two Forms by Overriding an Event Method and Walkthrough: Creating Reports in the AOT (MorphX Reporting Tools).


When you create a query with X++, you can add paging support to that query. Paging retrieves the results of a query as a collection of one or more data subsets known as pages. The QueryRun class supports the following types of paging:

  • Position based paging divides the query result into pages and enables you to display the data records represented by a specified page.

  • Value based paging uses a page to represent the data records that are currently displayed in a data grid. Use value based paging when you want an update to a data grid to automatically redisplay the same set of data records.

To enable paging, use the enablePositionPaging and enableValueBasedPaging methods of the QueryRun class. To use paging with a query, the query cannot have a disabled data source. Also, the value of the FirstOnly property of the data source must be set to No. For more information about QueryRun and paging, see QueryRun Class.

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