Naming Conventions

Naming conventions contribute to consistency and to making the application easier to understand.

There are specific naming rules for the following application objects:

General Rules

  • All names must be in U.S. English.

  • The default rule is to use logical and descriptive names if no other specialized rules apply.

  • Identifier names have a limit of 40 characters.

  • Names in the Application Object Tree (AOT) and in X++ code must correspond to the names in the U.S. English user interface.

  • Names must be spelled correctly.

  • Names must be used consistently.

  • Each path in the AOT must be unique; nodes must not have identical names.

  • All texts that appear in the user interface must be defined by using a label. (This rule applies only if you want your solution certified as an international solution.)

  • Do not begin a name with "aaa", or "CopyOf". Do not begin a name with "DEL_" unless it is a table, extended data type or enum, and it is needed for data upgrade purposes. Names that use these prefixes cause a best practices error when you check the objects into the version control system.Error icon

Rules are available about the following: