Business Connector Overview

Business Connector is a component of the Microsoft Dynamics AX development environment. Business Connector enables you to build software applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can access data or start business logic. The advantage of using Business Connector over other types of integration is that you will use the same X++ code and business logic available to clients. You will also be able to use the Microsoft Dynamics AX security model. For more information about security, see Security and .NET Business Connector Applications. The Business Connector component contains a kernel for interpreting and executing code. It also provides a run-time environment for interacting with elements in the AOT. Two versions of Business Connector exist, one for .NET enabled applications and a COM version for unmanaged applications. For more information about the differences between the .NET and COM versions of Business Connector, see Differences Between .NET and COM Business Connectors.


COM Business Connector is no longer going to be supported in a future release. If you need to install COM Business Connector, you must install from the command line. For more information, see How to: Install COM Business Connector using Command-line Options. For information about .NET Business Connector, see .NET Business Connector Overview.

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