Converting Enterprise Portal Content

Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 uses a new framework based on ASP.NET. User Controls created by using this framework are the primary method for adding functionality to Enterprise Portal. Visual Studio is used to develop or customize User Controls.

In earlier versions of Enterprise Portal, Web forms and Web controls were the primary method to provide functionality. While Web forms and Web controls are still supported, we recommend that any new development for Enterprise Portal be done with Visual Studio and the ASP.NET-based framework.

If you have created Web forms for an earlier version of Enterprise Portal, you can convert them to use the new ASP.NET-based framework. A Web Form Converter class is available that can take an existing Web form and convert it into components that can be used with the new Enterprise Portal framework. The topics in this section describe how to use the Web Form Converter class.


Before you convert existing Web forms to the new Enterprise Portal framework, you should become familiar with the new framework. For information about how to use the new framework, see User Controls Overview.

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