SysTableLookup::filterLookupPreRun_3DS Method

Simulates the code that is performed in the kernel to allow filtering to work properly in custom lookup forms with three data sources.

client public static boolean filterLookupPreRun_3DS(
    FormStringControl _lookupControl, 
    FormStringControl _controlToFilter, 
    FormDataSource _formDataSource, 
    FormDataSource _formDataSource2, 
    FormDataSource _formDataSource3)

Run On






The control that contains the field value being looked up.


The control on the lookup form that is bound to the field on which to filter the value.


The first FormDataSource value on the lookup form.


The second FormDataSource value on the lookup form.


The third FormDataSource value on the lookup form where the autoSearch parameter should be set to false in case of filtering.

Return Value

true if the value in the control contains a value that should be filtered on; otherwise, false.


This method should be called before the Super method call in the run method of the custom lookup form.

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