How to: Enable Best Practice Checks

You should check your code and application objects for compliance with the best practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Enabling Best Practice Checks

Use the following procedures to enable, identify, and check your code for best practice compliance.

To enable best practice checks

  1. From the Microsoft Dynamics AX menu, point to Tools, and then click Options.

  2. In the Options form, click the Compiler button.

  3. Set the Diagnostic level to Level 4.

  4. Click OK.

To identify which best practice checks to enable

  1. In the Options form, click the Best Practices button.

  2. In the Best Practice parameters form, select the best practice parameter checks that you want to verify in your code.

  3. Set the Warning level drop-down to All.

To check your code and application objects for best practice compliance

  • In the AOT, right-click the element you want to verify for best practice compliance and then click Compile. Best practice information is provided in the Compiler output in the Best Practices tab.

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