Videos for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX

At the How Do I Video Series Web site there is an up-to-date list of videos for developers on a variety of topics about Microsoft Dynamics AX. There are videos for all levels from beginner to advanced developer.

To browse to the videos Web page, you start at the Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer Center. On the developer center you click the Learn tab, and then click How Do I Video Series.

Channel 9 Videos

The Channel 9 Web site has videos about Microsoft Dynamics AX. To find particular items on Channel 9, click the Search menu on the Channel 9 home page. On the search page, enter "Dynamics AX" into the Term field, and select the Blog Content option button. Then click the Search button. The search results contain videos on a variety of topics, and some are interesting to developers.

The following link automatically searches Channel 9 for items that contain the phrase “Dynamics AX”: Channel 9 search for “Dynamics AX”.

The following link automatically scans Channel 9 for items that are tagged with “Dynamics AX”: Channel 9 items tagged with “Dynamics AX”.

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