Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk Namespace

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online


Class Description
AliasedValue Used to return aggregate, group by, and aliased values from a query.
AttributeCollection Provides a collection of attributes for an entity.
AttributeLogicalNameAttribute Used by the code generation tool to create classes based on entities.
AttributePrivilege Specifies the field level security privileges allowed for an attribute.
AttributePrivilegeCollection Specifies a collection of field level security privileges allowed for the specified attributes.
BaseServiceFault Represents a service fault.
BooleanManagedProperty Defines a managed property that stores a Boolean value.
CallerImpersonationScope Identifies a user as the owner of all data changes made by calls to a Web service.
ClaimTypes Identifies the types of claims that are supported or may be supported in a future product release.
DataCollection Represents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index. Provides methods to search, sort, and manipulate lists. Extends Collection.
DataCollection Represents a collection of keys and values.
DiscoveryServiceFault Represents a discovery service fault.
Entity Represents an instance of an entity (a record).
EntityCollection Contains a collection of entity instances.
EntityImageCollection Contains a collection of Entity image objects.
EntityReference Identifies a record.
EntityReferenceCollection Contains a collection of entity references.
ErrorDetailCollection Contains a collection of objects that provide details on an error.
ExecuteMultipleResponseItem Contains the response from execution of a message request.
ExecuteMultipleResponseItemCollection Contains a collection of ExecuteMultipleResponseItem instances.
ExecuteMultipleSettings Defines the execution behavior of ExecuteMultipleRequest.
FieldPermissionType Defines the possible field permission types.
FormattedValueCollection Contains a collection of formatted values for the attributes for an entity.
InvalidPluginExecutionException Represents an exception that occurred during plug-in execution.
KnownTypesResolver Resolves known organization message request and response types for the SDK contracts.
Label Contains a collection of translations for a label.
LocalizedLabel Contains a localized label, including the label string and the language code.
LocalizedLabelCollection Defines a collection of LocalizedLabel.
ManagedProperty Represents a strongly typed managed property.
Money Contains the value for a money attribute.
OptionSetValue Represents a value for an attribute that has an option set.
OrganizationRequest Contains the data needed to execute a request and the base class for all organization requests.
OrganizationRequestCollection Contains a collection of organization requests.
OrganizationResponse Contains the response from a request and the base class for all organization responses.
OrganizationServiceFault Represents an organization service fault.
ParameterCollection Provides a collection of parameters for a request.
QuickFindConfiguration For internal use only.
QuickFindConfigurationCollection For internal use only.
QuickFindResult For internal use only.
QuickFindResultCollection For internal use only.
RelatedEntityCollection Contains a collection of related entities.
Relationship Represents a relationship between two entities.
RelationshipQueryCollection Provides a collection of relationship queries.
RelationshipSchemaNameAttribute Used by the code generation tool to create classes based on entities.
RemoteExecutionContext Defines the contextual information sent to a remote service endpoint at run-time.
SaveChangesException Represents an exception that occurred when saving changes to the OrganizationServiceContext.
SaveChangesResult Contains the result of the save changes operation returned from the organization web service.
SaveChangesResultCollection Provides a collection of results for a save changes operation.
ServiceEndpointFault Represents a fault at a service endpoint in the cloud.


Interface Description
IExecutionContext Base interface that defines the contextual information passed to a plug-in or custom workflow activity at run-time.
IOrganizationService Provides programmatic access to the metadata and data for an organization.
IOrganizationServiceFactory Represents a factory for creating IOrganizationService instances.
IPlugin Base interface for a plug-in.
IPluginExecutionContext Defines the contextual information passed to a plug-in at run-time. Contains information that describes the run-time environment that the plug-in is executing in, information related to the execution pipeline, and entity business information.
IProxyTypesAssemblyProvider Provides the early-bound entity types assembly that was created using the CrmSvcUtil utility.
IServiceEndpointNotificationService Posts the plug-in execution context to the Microsoft Azure Service Bus.
IServiceEndpointPlugin Defines a plug-in that implements the service behavior of a Microsoft Azure Service Bus listener.
ITracingService Provides a method of logging run-time trace information for plug-ins.
ITwoWayServiceEndpointPlugin Defines a plug-in that implements the service behavior of a Microsoft Azure Service Bus listener.
IWebHttpServiceEndpointPlugin Defines a plug-in that implements the service behavior of a Microsoft Azure Service Bus listener.


Enumeration Description
EntityRole Contains values to indicate the role the entity plays in a relationship.
EntityState Indicates the state of an entity as tracked by the OrganizationServiceContext and indicates to the server the operation that should be performed for a related entity.
OperationStatus Represents the current state of an operation.

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