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Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2013

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM social care generic framework to route the social data that you obtain from various social channels into your CRM system. Social care framework provides the general interface, data model, and necessary APIs for integrating social listening applications like Facebook and Twitter with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track social messages and profile data. Using social care framework, third party systems can push social data feed containing posts from the social channels to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can associate a social post with an existing CRM record.

Social care framework offers following capabilities:

You can use this framework to automatically convert social posts to case, create social profiles and contact records for the author of the posts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, search existing records, and associate social posts and profiles to them. You can configure watch lists with keywords, #tags, @mentions to identify the social buzz around your brand, product or service on social channels like Twitter or Facebook. Then, associate the watch list with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM queue, which is set up to automatically create cases from social posts. More information: Automatically create cases from email or social monitoring.

Social care concept in CRM

Social care framework enhances the existing email to case settings to enable the automated case creation when a social activity is delivered to a queue. The external system or user can recognize the scope of the social care feed (for example, Post ID, corresponding CRM record, attributes corresponding to the CRM record), and target the update on the CRM record and its attributes using the CRM Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete operations on an entity API method delivered through the OData endpoint of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows external services to connect to it, but won’t call into any external service and connect to it. The primary recipients of social data are SocialActivity entity messages and methods and SocialProfile entity messages and methods, which are compliant with the changes in the social data.

The data model and API used in social care framework provides the developers an opportunity to extend and customize the sample app to meet their business scenario. You can download the sample app based on CRM APIs to get visibility into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. More information: Sample Application Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Care Framework.

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