64-bit supported configurations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

Installing and running Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications that connect to database, reporting services, and email features running on other 32-bit computers is generally supported.

CRM for Outlook

  • Dynamics CRM for Outlook includes a 64-bit version that can be installed on any of the supported 64-bit Windows operating systems. More information:Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook software requirements

  • The 32-bit version of Dynamics CRM for Outlook can be installed and run on a 64-bit Windows operating system but the version of Microsoft Outlook must be 32-bit.

Email Router

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 editions, which are available only for 64-bit systems, are supported, and can run 64-bit, or 32-bit, editions of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router.

SQL Server (on-premises only)

32-bit versions of Microsoft SQL Server database engine or Microsoft SQL Server reporting services aren’t supported with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can’t use a computer that is running a Microsoft SQL Server 32-bit edition as the database server or reporting services server for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server. For more information about the supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server, see SQL Server editions and SQL Server Reporting Services.

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