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Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

This section describes how to program by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update provide a rapid development application with out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality, capable of instantly leveraging the .NET Framework, and a vast array of Microsoft applications. This release separates the core platform functionality (xRM) from the CRM-specific functionality.

In This Section

Getting started with managed code application development

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM services in code

Discover the URL for your organization with IDiscoveryService web service

Download the endpoints using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer resources page

Use the IOrganizationService web service to read and write data or metadata

Authenticate users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM web services

Use the early bound entity classes in code

Use the late bound entity class in code

Retrieve data with queries

Reduce potential data loss using optimistic concurrency

Retrieve and detect changes to metadata

Offline use of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM services

Troubleshooting and error handling

Use the sample and helper code

Build Windows client applications using the XRM tools

Developer overview

Best practices for developing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Model your business data

Getting started with managed code application development

Developer tools

Write client application extensions

Write plug-ins to extend business processes

Write workflows to automate business processes

Developers guide to reports for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Manage your data

Package and distribute extensions using solutions

Developers guide to customization for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SharePoint

Advanced development

Programming reference

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