Use web service data in web resources (OData and Modern app SOAP endpoint)


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

You can use JavaScript and Silverlight web resources to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update data from within the application. There are two web services available, each provides specific strengths. The following table describes the appropriate web service to use depending on the task you need to perform.


Web Service

Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete records.

OData endpoint

Associate and Disassociate records

OData endpoint

Assign Records

Modern app SOAP endpoint

Retrieve Metadata

Modern app SOAP endpoint

Execute Messages

Modern app SOAP endpoint


In the previous version of CRM, the names “REST endpoint for web resources” and “SOAP endpoint for web resources” were used to describe the OData endpoint and the modern app SOAP endpoint, respectively. Because these endpoints are no longer only available for use in web resources, we have changed the names.

Both of these web services can use the authentication provided by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application within web resources without the need to include any code to implement authentication. See Write mobile and modern apps for information about how to use these endpoints with authentication from outside the application.

The OData endpoint provides a “RESTful” web service using OData to provide a programming environment that is familiar to many developers. It is the recommended web service to use for tasks that involve creating, retrieving, updating and deleting records. However, in this release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM the capabilities of this web service are limited to these actions.

The modern app SOAP endpoint provides access to all the messages defined in the Organization service. However, only the types defined in the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) will be returned. There is no strong type support. While the modern app SOAP endpoint is also capable of performing create, retrieve, update and delete operations, the OData endpoint provides a better developer experience for client application extensions. In this release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the modern app SOAP endpoint provides an alternative way to perform operations that the OData endpoint isn’t capable of.

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