OrganizationService.Execute Method (OrganizationRequest)


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

Executes a message in the form of a request, and returns a response. (Developer Extensions)

Namespace:   Microsoft.Xrm.Client.Services
Assembly:  Microsoft.Xrm.Client (in Microsoft.Xrm.Client.dll)


public virtual OrganizationResponse Execute(
    OrganizationRequest request
virtual OrganizationResponse^ Execute(
    OrganizationRequest^ request
abstract Execute : 
        request:OrganizationRequest -> OrganizationResponse
override Execute : 
        request:OrganizationRequest -> OrganizationResponse
Public Overridable Function Execute (
    request As OrganizationRequest
) As OrganizationResponse


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.OrganizationResponse

Returns OrganizationResponse. You must cast the return value of this method to the specific instance of the response that corresponds to the Request parameter.




This is a wrapper for the IOrganizationService. Execute Method.

Privileges and Access Rights

To execute the message, the caller must have the necessary privileges to the entity type that is specified in the request class. The caller must also have access rights on the specified records in the request class. For more information, see the Request class for the action you want to execute. For example, see AssignRequest.

Notes for Callers

For more information about the exceptions that can be thrown when this method is called, see Handle exceptions in your code.

Method Availability

This method works regardless whether the caller is connected to the server or offline.

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