Manually create a new website using developer extensions for Dynamics CRM 2015


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

These instructions explain how to set up a new website in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 using Developer Extensions and the portal toolkit. The Basic Portal Solution must be installed. More information: Prepare for portal development (Dynamics CRM 2015).

Create a new website

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, select the Content Management menu. Under the Website tab, select Websites.

  2. Click or tap New.

  3. Enter a name for your website.

  4. Click or tap Save.

Add the home page for the website

  1. In your website, select Web Pages.

  2. Select New Web Page.

  3. Add a home page

    1. Name the page “Home”.

    2. Leave Parent Page empty. This is the root of the website so it doesn’t need a Parent Page.

    3. In Partial Url type "/". This is because it is the root of the site.

    4. In PageTemplate type “Home”.

    5. You need to create a new PageTemplate. Click or tap the Lookup button beside PageTemplate.

    6. Click or tap New.

    7. Name the template “Home”.

    8. Click or tap New.

    9. Set the Rewrite Url to “/Pages/Home.aspx”, or the relative path to your page template.

    10. Click or tap Save and Close.

    11. Select the Home template and click or tap OK.

    12. Enter a Title, Summary, and some Copy text.

    13. Click or tap Save.

The next step is to create other webpages. We will start with an “About Us” page for the website.

Create other webpages

  1. On your Home page, select Child Pages.

  2. Click or tap New Web Page.

  3. Enter “About” as the Name of the page.

  4. Type your website name or look it up.

  5. Set the Partial Url to “about”.

  6. Set the PageTemplate to “Page”.

  7. You need to create a new template again so select the Lookup button and click New.

  8. Name the template” Page”.

  9. Set the Website to your Website.

  10. Set the Rewrite Url to “/Pages/Pages.aspx” (or the relative path to your page template).

  11. Click or tap Save and Close.

  12. Select the template and click OK.

  13. Click or tap Save and Close to close the About Us Web page.

You can repeat this for as many different webpages as you need.

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