Modify a configuration data schema


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online


The content in this topic that applies to online versions of Dynamics 365 is for versions prior to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0. For the latest documentation, see Modify a configuration data schema.

You can modify an existing schema file to include information about new configuration data or to update the existing configuration data definition to enhance the configuration data export process.

Before you begin

  • Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK package. Then extract the contents of the package on your computer. The Configuration Migration tool is available under the SDK\Tools\ConfgurationMigration folder in the extracted Dynamics 365 SDK package. You do not need to install the Configuration Migration tool. Run the tool by double-clicking the DataMigrationUtility.exe file in the SDK\Tools\ConfgurationMigration folder.

  • You must have a schema file that was created using the Configuration Migration tool. More information:  Create a schema to export configuration data

Modify a schema file

  1. Start the Configuration Migration tool.

  2. On the main screen, click Create schema, and click Continue.

  3. On the Login screen, provide authentication details to connect to your Dynamics 365 instance for which you originally created the export data schema file. If you have multiple organizations on the Dynamics 365 server, and want to select an organization, select the Always display list of available orgs check box. Click Login.

  4. If you have multiple organizations, and you selected the Always display list of available orgs check box, the next screen lets you choose the organization that you want to connect to. Select a Dynamics 365 organization to connect to.

  5. On the main screen, click File > Load Schema.

  6. Navigate to the schema file that you want to edit, select it, and click Open.

  7. The schema file definition appears in the Configuration Migration tool. Make the required changes to the schema definition file. For information about defining a schema file, see steps 5-14 in Create a schema to export configuration data.

  8. Save the updated schema file.

  9. Click Exit to close the tool.

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