Configure web address settings


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016

Using the PowerShell Get-CrmSetting and Set-CrmSetting cmdlets you can update the settings in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment. One of the types of settings you can change is the web address settings.


To set up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 PowerShell cmdlets, see Administer the deployment using Windows PowerShell.


You can use the following script to update web address settings: partner-hosted (IFD). You must specify the following parameters:

RootDomainScheme: The root domain scheme: http or https.

DeploymentSdkRootDomain: The root domain for the deployment web service (SDK).

DiscoveryRootDomain: The root domain for the discovery web service.

NlbEnabled: A Boolean that specifies whether network load balancing (NLB) is enabled.

SdkRootDomain: The root domain for the organization web service (SDK).

SslHeader: The secured sockets layer (SSL) header.

WebAppRootDomain: The root domain for the Web application.


    #optional params

$RemoveSnapInWhenDone = $False

if (-not (Get-PSSnapin -Name Microsoft.Crm.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue))
    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Crm.PowerShell
    $RemoveSnapInWhenDone = $True

$WebAddressSettings = Get-CrmSetting -SettingType WebAddressSettings

if($DeploymentSdkRootDomain) {$WebAddressSettings.DeploymentSdkRootDomain = $DeploymentSdkRootDomain}
if($DiscoveryRootDomain) {$WebAddressSettings.DiscoveryRootDomain = $DiscoveryRootDomain}
if($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('NlbEnabled')) {$WebAddressSettings.NlbEnabled = $NlbEnabled}
if($RootDomainScheme) {$WebAddressSettings.RootDomainScheme = $RootDomainScheme}
if($SdkRootDomain) {$WebAddressSettings.SdkRootDomain = $SdkRootDomain}
if($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('SslHeader')) {$WebAddressSettings.SslHeader = $SslHeader}
if($WebAppRootDomain) {$WebAddressSettings.WebAppRootDomain = $WebAppRootDomain}

Set-CrmSetting -Setting $WebAddressSettings


    Remove-PSSnapin Microsoft.Crm.PowerShell

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