Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server failure recovery


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016

Most of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 configuration information is stored on the computer that’s running SQL Server. Therefore, the information can be recovered if all, or part, of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server fails. Windows registry entries on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server are recovered when you run the repair program or reinstall processes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Reporting Extensions.

We recommend that you keep a record of your current Dynamics 365 update level. Then, if failure recovery is required, the appropriate update can be reapplied.

  1. Install the operating system on another server and join the same Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain as the computer that is running SQL Server.

  2. Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server. During Setup, select Connect to, and if necessary, upgrade an existing deployment when prompted. If Microsoft Dynamics 365 Reporting Extensions was also installed on the computer that failed, install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Reporting Extensions after Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server is completed.

  3. If the ISV.config or web.config files have been changed from their default settings, restore these files from backup.

  4. Publish all customizations. More information: Publishing customizations

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