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Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

When you have created your app you can publish it through Microsoft AppSource so that Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) subscribers can find it, try it, and buy it.

Register your app

The first step in registering your app is to visit Here you will find app review guidelines which will help you understand whether your app is a good fit for AppSource.

If your app is a good fit, please proceed to the next step to submit your app. The specific process for this may change over time, but at the time this was written the process consists of a form where you will let us know about your app and how to contact you. After that, someone will contact you and help lead you through the process of registering your app.

All apps that are listed on AppSource must complete a certification process. The level of rigor applied to the certification process depends on the type of submission you want to offer.

When potential customers click on the listing for your app on AppSource there are different experiences they may have depending on how your app is registered. There are three submission types: hosted, partner-led and customer-led.

  • A hosted trial will display a link to allow an interested customer to try your application in a separate hosted environment.

  • A partner-led trial is essentially a lead-referral program where the AppSource site will forward information to you about a someone who is interested in your app. A partner led trial is a good choice when your app has solutions with dependencies or is not installed as a Dynamics 365 solution.

  • A customer-led trial is where the customer will have the opportunity to install your application into their Dynamics 365 (online) organization.

Certification process for customer-led trial offer

The customer-led trial offer has the most rigorous certification process. For a customer-led trial you will need to create a Dynamics 365 Package. A Dynamics 365 package is a setup package for deploying Dynamics 365 solutions, data and executing install and upgrade operations on an instance of Dynamics 365. This allows for the automation of installation tasks to support deploying an application into the customers Dynamics 365 environment. Creating Dynamics 365 packages is identical to creating packages for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Package Deployer with a few additional steps. More information: Create packages for the Dynamics 365 Package Deployer

When submitting a Dynamics 365 Package for a customer-led trial please be aware of the following:

  • Your Dynamics 365 Package will be tested to make sure that it only uses supported extensibility methods as documented in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 SDK.

  • With your Dynamics 365 Package you will need to provide a number of test cases and use cases which will be reviewed as part of the certification process.

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