Service entities (contract, incident, knowledge article, queue, calendar, entitlement, slakpiinstance)


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

The entities described in this section are targeted at the customer service department of an organization.


In addition to the entities linked to later in this topic, there are several entities that will appear to support a set of messages or could be used with the IOrganizationService methods. However, the following entities are for internal use only:

  • ConvertRule (Automatic Record Creation and Update Rule): Defines the rules for automatic record creation and updates.

  • ConvertRuleItem (Case Creation Rule Item): Defines the individual conditions required for creating and updating record automatically.

  • RoutingRule (Routing Rule Set): Defines a set of rules to route cases automatically to queues, users, or teams.

  • RoutingRuleItem (Rule Item): Defines the individual conditions required for routing the cases.

  • SLA: Contains information about the service level agreements for cases that belong to different customers.

  • SLAItem (SLA Item): Contains information about a tracked service level agreement (SLA) key performance indicator and the condition when it is applicable for case records.

While these entities appear to support common messages and methods, they also have a dependency on the web application so that certain messages will not work as expected when called directly from the web services. You should not use these entities in your code.

However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online & on-premises), you can use the UpdateRequest message on the ConvertRule, RoutingRule, and SLA entities to programmatically activate or deactivate these entity records. For information about changing the state of an entity record using the Update message, see Perform specialized operations using Update

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