EntityMetadata.IsInteractionCentricEnabled Property


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

Gets or sets whether the entity is enabled for interactive experience.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Metadata
Assembly:  Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk (in Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll)


public Nullable<bool> IsInteractionCentricEnabled { get; set; }
Public Property IsInteractionCentricEnabled As Nullable(Of Boolean)

Property Value

Type: System.Nullable<Boolean>

Type: Nullable<Boolean>
true if the entity is enabled for interactive experience; otherwise, false.


You can change this setting for custom entities or system entities, such as incident, where it is enabled. You cannot change this setting for system entities where it is not enabled by default.

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