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The interactive service hub provides an intuitive interface that unifies vital customer information in one place, and lets you focus on things that require your attention. The Main Form - Interactive experience type of form used in the interactive service hub provides a new user experience that saves users some clicks and helps them maintain context while working on related records. More information: TechNet: Use the Main - Interactive experience form and its components

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Form scripting events and methods not supported in interactive service hub

Debug scripts for interactive service hub

Form scripting events and methods not supported in interactive service hub

Except for the following, all the other form scripting events and methods supported in the Dynamics 365web client, are supported in the interactive service hub:

Debug scripts for interactive service hub

Debugging scripts for interactive service hub is different than debugging for the Dynamics 365 web client. This is because when using a custom JavaScript file or library with the interactive service hub, Dynamics 365 dynamically injects the contents of the custom JavaScript library in a dynamic library in the app instead of loading the custom JavaScript library with the web page as in the Dynamics 365 web client. You cannot set break points on your custom code because every time the page is reloaded, the custom JavaScript code is injected into one of the dynamic libraries which prevents the specified break point to be hit. In this case, you could use any of the techniques listed in the following blog post to debug your JavaScript code: Blog: Debugging custom JavaScript code in CRM using browser developer tools


The blog post provides some of the ways that can be helpful in debugging your JavaScript code for the interactive service hub. All the methods listed in the blog post might not work the same across all the browsers supported by Dynamics 365, and you must research around to see what suits best as per your requirement.

Also, as the interactive service hub supports client-side events and methods supported by the Dynamics 365 mobile clients, most of the techniques for debugging scripts for the Dynamics 365 mobile clients will be applicable for the interactive service hub as well. More information: Debugging scripts for Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets

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