IoT Connector Web API Reference


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online)

This section contains reference documentation of the types, functions, and actions that constitute the Web API for Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Online). This API is contained within the managed solution IoTConnector.

In this section

  • IoT Connector EntityType Reference
    An EntityType represents an entity type in the OData v4 entity model.

  • IoT Connector Action Reference
    Actions represent operations that may have observable side effects, such as creating or updating records. An action may require parameters and may return a value. Actions may be bound to entity types.

  • IoT Connector ComplexType Reference
    A ComplexType represents structured data that doesn't have a key. Complex types are frequently returned as a response from using an action or function or passed as a parameter to a function..

  • IoT Connector changes to system entities
    The IoT Connector solution includes new entities, actions and other components. But it also creates relationships that change existing system entities. This topic catalogs the changes and how they are reflected in to the entitytypes included in the Web API.

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