IoT Connector Action Reference


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online)

Actions represent a operations which may have observable side effects, such as creating or updating records. An Action may require parameters and may return a value. Actions may be bound to entity types.

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msdyn_IoTSendTestAlert Action

Reserved for future use.

msdyn_JsonGetBoolean Action

Reads a Boolean property in the specified JSON object.

msdyn_JsonGetNumber Action

Reads a numeric property in the specified JSON object.

msdyn_JsonGetString Action

Reads a string property in the specified JSON object.

msdyn_ParentIoTAlerts Action

Calls the IoT - Debounce IoT Alerts action and passes 60 for the TimeSpan parameter

msdyn_RegisterCustomEntity Action

Registers any custom entity that may or may not already have connected IoT devices. This action invokes the IoT – Register Device action.

msdyn_RegisterIoTDevice Action

Publishes the registration requests for an IoT device.

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