Define access permission for modular business apps in Dynamics 365


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online)

The new Dynamics 365 modular business apps are purpose built apps that provide a limited set of functionality that is relevant for a particular area of work. For example, you can create a custom case management or lead management app in Dynamics 365 and choose to expose only the required set of forms, views, dashboards, and process flows that is required for each custom business app. The AppModule entity stores information about the modular business apps.

You can create and manage modular business apps using the new app designer in Dynamics 365. More information: TechNet: Introducing modular business apps, app designer, and site map designer


While the AppModule entity stores the modular app information and appears to support common messages and methods, programmatically creating, updating, and deleting AppModule records isn't supported. This is because the modular business apps have dependency on other entities as well apart from the AppModule entity. Therefore, you must only use the new app designer to create and manage your modular business apps.

A user with system administrator or required privileges can grant access permission for a modular business app to Dynamics 365 security roles, and by virtue of the security roles, the modular business app becomes available to the end users on their My Apps page and app switcher. Developers can programmatically retrieve and associate or dissociate a business app with security roles in Dynamics 365 to define the app's access permission. 

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