PaperSize Property

Sets the paper size for a report.

Applies To

Classic report layouts


Use the AssistButton to select a paper size from the list of paper sizes that are supported by a particular printer. The list of paper size names is taken from the fin.stx file.

If the printer that is used for this report does not support the specified PaperSize, the default document settings of the printer will determine the page size. You may also experience that the displayed name of a paper size is different in the page setup dialog. This is because the paper sizes that are displayed here are taken from the actual printer. The printer manufacturer may have given a paper size a different name than the one in the fin.stx file. The physical paper size, however, will be the same (if the actual printer supports this size).

Leave PaperSize as Undefined to have the default document settings of the printer that is used for this report determine the page size.

A paper size specified in the Page Setup dialog box overrides PaperSize.

If you want to use the custom page size associated with your printer driver, set the PaperSize property to Undefined. Specify the custom page size in your printer driver properties and use that as the default.

For more information about how to verify the paper size for a client report definition (RDLC) report layout, see How to: Verify the Paper Size.

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