How to: Assign a User to a Profile

You use the User Personalization window in the RoleTailored client to assign a user to a profile.

Assigning a User to a Profile

To assign a user to a profile

  1. In the RoleTailored client, click Departments, click Administration, and then click RoleTailored Client.

  2. Click User Personalization to open the User Personalization Card window.

  3. In the User ID field, click the AssistEdit button to view all available user logins.

  4. Select a user login, and then click OK. For more information, see How to: Add Users.

  5. In the Profile ID field, select a profile ID that you have already created. Click the AssistEdit button to view all available profiles.

  6. In the Language ID field, select the appropriate language ID, or leave this field blank.

  7. In the Company field, select a company from the Companies window.

  8. Click OK.


The Language ID and Company values are overwritten by user values when the user starts a session.

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