RoleTailored Client

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 provides an intuitive and customizable user interface called the RoleTailored client, which developers, partners, administrators, and super users can customize to support the job functions of different work roles in an organization.

For each role within an organization, the Microsoft Certified Partner or developer creates a customizable Role Center that displays key information required for relevant employees and makes their day-to-day tasks easier to complete. Users run the RoleTailored client to find the information and data entry points their jobs require.

For example, partners and developers can customize the sales order processor Role Center to display an interactive list of customers, daily activities, and sales information, and also give users easy access to their Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail, tasks, and calendar, all within the RoleTailored client.

The RoleTailored client is installed when you select either the Client Option or the Developer Environment Option in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Setup.

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