SETFILTER Function (Record)

Assigns a filter to a field that you specify.

Record.SETFILTER(Field, String, [Value],...)


  • Record
    Type: Record

    The record that contains the field that you want to filter.

  • Field
    Type: Field

    The field that you want to filter.

  • String
    Type: Text or code

    The filter expression. A valid expression consists of alphanumeric characters and one or more of the following operators: <, >, *, &, |, and =. You can use replacement fields (%1, %2, and so on) to insert values at run-time.

  • Value
    Type: Any

    Replacement values to insert in replacement fields in the filter expression. The data type of Value must match the data type of Field.


If the function is called with a field for which a filter already exists, that filter will be removed before the new one is set. You can construct filters using the following operators:

  • ..   Range

  • &   And

  • |   Or

  • <   Less than

  • <=   Less than or equal to

  • >   Greater than

  • >=   Greater than or equal to

  • <>   Different from

  • *   Forms a part of value

  • @   Case-insensitive


The following table shows examples of filters.

Filter Description


A range from A to Z


A or G

F.. & *A/S

A range from F and A/S is included in the field


All except B


All not blank

<=200 | >500

All less than or equal to 200 or greater than 500

The following code examples show how to use the SETFILTER function.

This example requires that you create the following variable.

Name DataType Subtype



G/L Account

// Using a filter with replacement field.
// This filter selects all accounts in the range from 100 to 200 
//   and No. 300.
GLAccountRec.SETFILTER("No.", '%1..%2|%3', '100', '200', '300');
// Using a filter entered directly in a string.
// This filter, which is entered as a string, has the same result as
//   the previous example. 
//   This filter selects all accounts in the range from 100 to 200 and 
//   and No. 300.
GLAccountRec.SETFILTER("No.", '100..200|300'); 

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