PaperSourceOtherPages Property

Sets the paper source to use when printing pages other than page one.

Applies To

Classic report layouts


Use the AssistButton to select a paper source from the list of paper sources supported by a particular printer. The list contains 13 standard trays and 8 printer specific trays. It is based on information in the fin.stx file.

If the printer that is used for this report does not support the specified PaperSourceOtherPages, it will use the default tray specified by the printer driver.

If you leave the PaperSourceOtherPages property as <Undefined>, the printer will use the tray specified for the PaperSourceFirstPage Property. If you have not specified a value for this property, the printer will use the default tray.

The printer specific trays contained in the list are intended for use with printers that have other paper sources than the ones listed. To find out how a Printer Specific Feed is mapped to the actual feed on an actual printer, you will have to experiment with choosing a Printer Specific Feed. Then, when you select a printer in the Page Setup dialog box, you can see how the Printer Specific Feed is mapped for that particular printer.


A different setting in the Print or Page Setup dialog boxes overrides the value specified for the PaperSourceOtherPages property.

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