Profiles and Role Centers

Configuration and personalization are ways to customize the RoleTailored client to suit the daily tasks for users in specific roles.

  • Configuration: Customizations that an administrator implements, such as presenting a custom home page to all users of a Role Center.

  • Personalization: Customizations that an end user makes, such as changing the user interface of a page to fit individual requirements and preferences.


An administrator, SUPER user, or Microsoft Certified Partner performs all configuration tasks. This person configures the Role Center for a specific role and then assigns users to the Role Center. For example, when Susan, an order processor, uses the RoleTailored client, she sees the Order Processor Role Center, which has been customized to help her perform her daily tasks. In configuring Susan's Role Center, the administrator has added or removed UI elements, including items in the navigation pane, page parts, and FactBoxes.


End users perform all personalization tasks. Examples of user personalization are:

  • Resizing columns.

  • Changing the contents of drop-down menus.

  • Customizing the navigation pane.

  • Adding or removing FactBoxes.

  • Organizing items in the Quick Access pane.

  • Saving queries or filters.

  • Choosing columns in a list place.

Working with Configuration and Personalization

The following table identifies topics that describe configuration and personalization.

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