Visible Property

Sets whether to display the form or control.

Applies To

  • Check boxes

  • Command buttons

  • Forms

  • Frames

  • Images

  • Indicators

  • Labels

  • Matrix boxes

  • Menu buttons

  • Menu items

  • Option buttons

  • Pages

  • Picture boxes

  • Shapes

  • Subforms

  • Tab controls

  • Table boxes

  • Text boxes

Property Value

Yes (true on pages) if you want the form or control to be visible; otherwise, No (false on pages). The default is Yes (true on pages).


Because this property also applies to containers, such as forms and subforms, if the Visible property for the container is set to No, then controls on the container are also not displayed, even if the Visible property is set to Yes.

When this property is used to hide FlowFields on tabular forms, the FlowField is no longer calculated, which can improve performance. However, you might have some code on the form that uses the information in this FlowField, which will not work properly if the FlowField is invisible and not calculated.

The setting of this property can be changed dynamically by using the VISIBLE Function (Control, Form).

Using the Visible Property on RoleTailored Client Pages

On pages, you use the Visible property to show or hide groups, parts, fields and action controls. You can show or hide a control statically by setting the property to true or false, or dynamically by using a boolean variable. Using a variable requires the following:

See Also


VISIBLE Function (Control, Form)