Security Model and Synchronization

When you create a database, you must specify the security model. There are two options:

  • Standard Security

  • Enhanced Security (default)

The Security Model option is on the Advanced tab in the New Database window.

Security Model Differences

Enhanced Security provides an individual layer of protection for each Microsoft Dynamics NAV user. Standard Security does not have this extra layer but can be sufficient for most companies. Using Enhanced Security can impact Microsoft Dynamics NAV performance.

The following table shows the significant differences:

Feature Standard Security Enhanced Security

Synchronization performance


Slower, especially if you have several companies and many users in the same database

Windows groups available

Local domain plus forest of domains

Local domain only; restricted set of groups available

Logins required in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Windows groups or individual Windows users

Windows groups plus the members of each group; individual Windows users

Granularity of synchronization

Entire security system

Entire security system and individual logins

Automatic synchronization when you insert, modify or delete a Windows login




Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 provides a synchronization mechanism to ensure that information in the SQL Server security system corresponds with the information that is contained in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system. When Microsoft Dynamics NAV security is not synchronized with SQL Server security, users may not have the exact database access that the administrator has specified.

When you are running with the Enhanced Security model, there is no automatic synchronization. You must manually synchronize whenever you insert, modify or delete a Windows login. In the Classic client, on the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Synchronize All Logins.

When to Synchronize

With the Standard Security model, explicit synchronization is only necessary when you are restoring a database from a backup. With the Enhanced Security model, you must manually synchronize the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system after you:

  • Change the security model.

  • Modify Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, permissions, or roles.

  • Restore a backup.

  • Convert a database.

  • Update the executable files.

  • Update the application.

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