Security Concepts

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 provides a security system that manages user access to the objects and data in your database. Because this database is stored in SQL Server, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system and the SQL Server security system work together to help ensure that only authorized users can gain access to the information in the database.

When a user creates a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, that user is automatically given the SUPER user role in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system. This allows at least one user who can create additional users and assign appropriate roles to them. For more information, see First User Automatically Has SUPER Role.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system allows you to control which objects, such as tables, that each individual user can access within each database. It also allows you to specify which particular records or information that is stored in these tables that each user is allowed to access. For more information, see "Limiting Access to Specific Database Entries" in Customizing Security. You can manage user access at both the table or record level.

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