Company-Level Security

After you have gained access to the database, you can open the company that you want to work with.

Opening a Company

Use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment to open a company. Choose File, then Company, and then choose Open. The Open Company window appears. This window lists all of the companies that have been created in the current database and that you have been given permission to access. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV database can contain several companies. Each company can use its own tables and can also share tables with other companies.

Select the company that you want to open, choose OK, and the company opens. If there are companies in the database that you have not been given permissions to access, you will not be able to see them in this window.

Managing User Access to Companies

When you assign a permission set to a user, you can specify a company to restrict the user’s access for that permission set to that specific company. For more information, see How to: Define Permissions for Users.

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