Export Budget to Excel Batch Job

Exports a budget from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to an Excel workbook. You can also make new budgets based on budget figures or actual figures from previous periods. You can import the budget back into Microsoft Dynamics NAV by using the Import Budget from Excel function.


If you have set filters for dimensions on the G/L Budget Entry FastTab, you must always specify the same dimensions in the Column Dimensions field on the Options FastTab. If you fail to do this, dimension information will be lost when you import back into Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Excel.

Choose the OK button to start the batch job. A new workbook in Excel is automatically created and opened, and the data is exported to it. You can then name the Excel file and save it.


Field Description

Start Date

Enter the first date to be included in the budget to be exported to Excel.

No. of Periods

Specify the number of accounting periods to be exported to Excel.

Period Length

Specify the length of the accounting periods for the budget to be exported to Excel.

Column Dimensions

Specify which dimensions are shown as columns when the budget is exported to Excel. These should include the dimensions set as filters on the G/L Budget Entry FastTab. If you include a dimension as a column dimension, you can see in Excel which dimension values a general ledger budget entry has for that dimension. You can also add dimension values to general ledger budget entries in Excel for the selected column dimensions.

Include Totaling Formulas

Select if you want sum formulas to be created in Excel based on the totaling fields used in the Chart of Accounts window and for dimension values.


For more information on how to work with batch jobs, see How to: Run Batch Jobs and How to: Set Filters. For assistance in finding specific pages, see Search.

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