Import Budget from Excel Batch Job

Imports a budget from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This allows you to import budgets originally exported from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and import budgets that have been created in Excel.


Before you import the budget, you must close Excel.

You can import a budget into Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Excel in one of the following ways:

  • You can create a new budget.

  • You can add the budget entries in Excel to the budget entries with the same name already present in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can do this can if you want to create a single consolidated budget in Microsoft Dynamics NAV that is made up of a number of individual budgets that are imported from Excel.


Field Description

Workbook File Name

Enter the name of the Excel workbook file that the budget data will be imported from.

Worksheet Name

Enter the name or number of a worksheet from the workbook that is selected in the Workbook File Name field.

Budget Name

Select the budget to which entries are imported.


Select whether the budget entries are added from Excel to budget entries that are currently in the system, or whether the entries are replaced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the budget entries from Excel.


Enter a description of the imported budget entries, so that the entries can be easily identified among other budget entries.


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