Exchange Production BOM Item Batch Job

Replaces items that are no longer used in production BOMs. You can exchange an item, for example, with a new item or a new production BOM. You can create new versions while exchanging an item in the production BOMs. The program automatically generates these new versions.


Exchange Type: Enter what is to be exchanged here - Item or Production BOM.

Exchange No.: Enter the item number or the production BOM number, which is to be exchanged or click the field.

With Type: Enter your new selection that will replace what you selected in the Exchange Type field - Item or Production BOM.

With No.: Enter the new item number or production BOM number that should be filled in or click the field.

Create New Version: Place a check mark in the field if you want to make the exchange in a new version.

Multiply Qty. With: Enter the value of a quantity change here. If the quantity is to remain the same, enter 1 here. If you enter 2, the new quantities doubled in comparison with original quantity.

Starting Date: Enter the date from which these changes are to become valid.

Recertify: Place a check mark in the field if you want the production BOM to be certified after the change.


For more information on how to work with batch jobs, see How to: Run Batch Jobs and How to: Set Filters. For assistance in finding specific pages, see Search.