Item Availability by Location Window

Shows how the inventory level of an item will develop over time according to the location that you select.


When you open the Item Availability by Location window from a document line, then you can insert a location code in the document line by selecting the line with the location code that you want to insert and then clicking OK. If you have only used the window to view availability and do not want to insert a location code, then you must close the window without clicking OK.


Field Description

View by

Specifies the length of the period intervals that you want to view.

View as

Specifies how availability quantities are displayed. Select one of the following options:

Options Description
Net ChangeShows the net change in availability in the selected time interval.
Balance at DateShows the availability on the last day in the selected time interval.


The window shows one line for each location. Each line shows the item’s availability figures in the following key fields:

Field Description

Gross Requirement

Specifies the sum of the total demand for the item. The gross requirement consists of independent demand, which include sales orders, service orders, transfer orders, and production forecasts, and dependent demand, which include production order components for planned, firm planned, and released production orders and requisition and planning worksheets lines.

Scheduled Receipt

Specifies the sum of items from replenishment orders. This includes firm planned and released production orders, purchase orders, and transfer orders.

Planned Order Receipt

Specifies the sum of items from planned production orders.

Projected Available Balance

Specifies the calculated available inventory.

Planned Order Releases

Specifies the sum of items from replenishment order proposals, which include planned production orders and planning or requisition worksheets lines, that are calculated according to the starting date in the planning worksheet and production order or the order date in the requisition worksheet. This sum is not included in the projected available inventory. However, it indicates which quantities should be converted from planned to scheduled receipts.


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