How to: Use the System Indicator

You can enable the system indicator when you are working with different instances of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For example, you can differentiate between a production environment and a test environment or see when you are in configuration mode. In this procedure, you enable and set up the system indicator.

  • If you are in configuration mode, then the system indicator is automatically displayed, and you cannot turn it off. For more information, see How to: Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client in Configuration Mode.

  • If you are in any other mode, then you must first set up the system indicator in the Company Information window. It is then shown according to your preferences on every page.

To enable the system indicator

  1. In the Search box, enter Company Information, and then choose the related link.

  2. Expand the System Indicator FastTab.

  3. In the System Indicator field, select one of the following options.

    System indicator type Description


    No text is shown.

    When you are in configuration mode, the Configuration status is always displayed. You cannot turn this text off.

    Custom Text

    Shows text that you enter in the System Indicator Text field.

    Company Information

    Shows text that you enter in the Name field.


    Shows the company name.


    Shows the middle-tier host name and database name.


    Shows the company name, the middle-tier host name, and the database name.

  4. In the System Indicator Style field, select from the Standard and Accent1 through Accent9 options to add a certain style to the system indicator.

  5. In the System Indicator Text field, enter custom text to show. To show the text, you must select the Custom Text option in the System Indicator field.

  6. Choose the OK button, and then restart Microsoft Dynamics NAV to see the changes.

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