Generic Chart Setup Window

Specifies the data and chart properties that you define to show combinations of the selected business data graphically. For more information, see How to: Create Charts.

When you have created or edited a chart in the Generic Chart Setup window, you can add them to Role Centers and FactBoxes with the Customize feature. You can also view data in list places as charts by choosing Show as Chart. For more information, see How to: Add Charts to Role Centers and List Places.


In addition to generic charts described in this topic, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a series of specific charts that you cannot create from scratch in the user interface, but that you can edit in multiple ways. For more information, see How to: Edit Specific Charts

General FastTab

Specifies the name and ID of the chart.

Data Source FastTab

Specifies the database table or query that provides data to the chart and a filter field to delimit the source data that the chart is based on.


When the data source is a query and you use an aggregation method, on the Measures (Y-Axis) FastTab, that is different from the value in the query, then the chart may not display the value as you expect. For example, if aggregation is set to None on a sum value, then the chart displays each value as a column.

Measures (Y-Axis) FastTab

Specifies between one and six fields in the selected table or query whose values are shown on the Y-axis of the chart. You must select at least one field.

In addition, you must define how the values are aggregated on the Y-axis, such as summed or averaged, and you must define what type of graph to show.

In the Caption column, you can enter the text that will be shown on the Y-axis for the measure in question.

Dimensions (X- and Z-Axes) FastTab

Specifies the field in the selected table or query whose values are shown on the X-axis. Specifies the field in the selected table or query whose values are shown on the Z-axis.

Chart Description FastTab

Specifies a detailed description of the chart. You can enter up to 500 charcters.

This description is intended as the main documentation of the chart as no topics exist for individual user-defined charts in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help.

Chart Type Preview FastTab

Shows a preview of the chart that you have defined in the Generic Chart Setup window.


The chart that you preview in this FastTab is based on random data. You can only see correct chart data when you view it in a list place, FactBox, or Role Center. For more information, see Viewing Charts.


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