Warehouse Pick Window

Contains lines for items that must be picked for source documents, such as warehouse shipments, production orders, assembly orders, and internal picks. This window is used when the location is set up to require both pick and shipment processing.

If the location is not set up to use bins, the window contains one line for each item that must be picked; if the location uses bins, the window contains at least two lines for each quantity of item to be picked: one or more for the bin(s) that you take the items from and one for the bin where you place the items.

When you have performed the actual pick, you register the pick. The program creates a registered pick, updates the source document (shipment or transfer), and removes the items from available-to-pick inventory.

For procedural information, see How to: Pick for Internal Operations in Advanced Warehousing and How to: Pick Items for Warehouse Shipment.


Picking for warehouse shipment of items that are assembled to the sales order follows the same steps as for regular warehouse picks from inventory. However, the number of pick lines may be many to one because you pick the components, not the assembly item. Because assemble-to-order items are not physically present until they have been assembled, the pick that is issued from the shipment of such as sales line quantity is therefore not a pick for the end item to be shipped, but a pick for the assembly components that go into the assembly item, as specified in the assembly order that is linked to the sales order line in question. For more information, see “Handling Assemble-to-Order Items in Warehouse Shipments” in Warehouse Shipment.


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